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Odisea 09: Unlocking mass adoption with Jorge Selva

Hey there everyone, welcome back to yet another episode of Odisea! This one is with Safe’s Head of Growth, Jorge Selva. This was a really dynamic conversation where we had the opportunity to discuss his crypto trajectories, how Safe came to be, the technical innovation Safe is bringing to the table and where he foresees us driving mass adoption of crypto in the future.

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Originally known as Gnosis Safe, Safe is truly at the forefront of building a safe (no pun intended), reliable, and trust-worth protocol that now has over $60b in its multisig wallets. From Vitalik storing his ETH, the world’s largest DAO’s managing their treasuries on Safe, to Punk 6529 safeguarding his digital assets, Safe is the protocol we all know and love if we are looking to bring more flexibility to the way we manage our crypto.

My conversation with Jorge was centered around his journey into crypto and how he, having grown up in Latin America, has seen the extractive relationship that we can sometimes enter with centralized bodies of power. With this conviction, Jorge joined Safe as the team was creating its stand-alone project that was emerged from the Gnosis ecosystem. The origins of Safe come from those who launched the original Gnosis project raised a substantial amount of funds from an ICO and wanted a way to collectively manage their funds onchain. With that, Gnosis Safe was born and fastforward to today, it has undoubtedly been one of the foundations of being able to manage our asses digitally.

As listeners of this podcast will know, Safe has two core products: 1. the Safe multisig wallet we all know and love and 2. the Safe{core}, which is their developer toolkit for all those who are interested in leveraging Safe to build the future of wallets and manage digital assets. Safe is on a mission to make smart accounts the standard with regards to how folks engage with their digital assets, leaving the outdates externally owned accounts (EOA’s) behind.

To do this, Safe has doubled down on growing the ecosystem of developers building with Safe{core}. By supporting hackathons and events that are builder-focused, Safe has managed to get some great projects built on top of their infrastructure. One project I particularly like is an ETHLisbon finalist that created a mechanism whereby people in Bolivia can exchange crypto p2p by using scratch cards:

This is just one of hundreds of projects that are building on top of Safe to bring more folks into the ecosystem. I’m super bullish on where Safe will continue to build and can’t wait to see them continue to foster a more robust developer ecosystem at Safe (check out the podcast, there’s some serious alpha in there)! A big drive of these efforts is led by Jorge who is ensuring that folks are continuing to leverage the Safe stack to deploy more solutions, either at hackathons or there onwards to bring more of our grandma’s into crypto. Onwards!

Remember, you’ve still got time to mint your Odisea Community Collectible below. The collectible is available on the Optimism network, which we have intentionally chosen thanks to their commitment to support public goods, largely through their Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF) mechanism, which allocates the fees paid by users of the network and then distributes them retroactively to public goods in the ecosystem. Mint yours below and support public goods :)

If you’d like to connect to discuss the episode and explore ways we can collaborate to build a better future leveraging crypto, let’s chat on Twitter or you can join the Telegram community as well!


Odisea is produced with the support of Safe and Ambire Wallet.

Safe (previously Gnosis Safe) is a decentralized custody protocol, securing ~$60 Billion in assets today. It is establishing a universal standard for secure custody of digital assets, data, and identity.

Ambire Wallet is an account abstraction-based, self-custodial gateway to Web3 that introduces a range of impressive features like transaction batching, a pre-payment mechanism, and the ability to pay gas fees in stablecoins. By being accessible on both mobile and desktop devices, with a browser extension version on the horizon, Ambire Wallet aims at streamlining the user experience and ensure convenience across different platforms.

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