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Odisea 04: Building the impact-led crypto ecosystem with Marek Olszweski

Hey there dear friends, welcome to yet another episode of the Odisea podcast! On this episode, we have Marek Olswezwski, the Co-Founder of Celo and Valora. On this episode we discus Marek’s founder journey, how he got into crypto, where Celo and Valora are distinguishing themselves in the blockchain ecosystem, the impact they are having on people’s lives in the global south, and where both of these projects are headed.

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On the last podcast series we produced, Last Mile DeFi, we had Jackie Bona the Co-Founder and CEO of Valora, Jori and Gabriela from EthicHub, Mila Rioja the LatAm Lead for Celo and James Downer a builder across the Celo ecosystem. Given the podcast was centered around driving more financial inclusion throughout Latin America, Celo’s feature throughout the last podcast was a very natural one.

When Celo’s founding team came together to explore what a global payments network enabled by blockchain would look like, it was immediately clear that the currently existing blockchains wouldn’t suffice to unlock the utility required to materialize the project. Therefore, the team took to work on developing a blockchain that would have the necessary technical infrastructure required to develop a “global Venmo.”

With that, on Earth Day 2020, Celo’s first block was validated. Shortly thereafter, Celo also became the first carbon-negative blockchain in the space. Fast forward a few years and Celo his a low-cost blockchain, where you can pay your gas fees with a number of tokens, and transactions are extremely cheap and fast. Celo is focusing on bringing a mobile-first experience to its users through its ultra-light client, opening u accessibility to the billions of people around the world who connect to the internet through a mobile phone.

Today, the ecosystem is thriving - with builders focusing on delivering UBI, bringing DeFi to the masses, backing digital assets with natural capital, issuing local currency stablecoins, among a number of other exciting pro-social and environmental projects. As someone who believes deeply in blockchain’s potential to deliver on fairer and more equitable systems of human flourishing, Celo is the prominent ecosystem that is delivering on this specific promise.

The Celo and Valora team takes a pragmatic approach with regards to how they see the challenges with regards to mass adoption of crypto. One of the notable roadblocks is the fragmentation and friction involved with on and off-ramping crypto. To address this, they’ve launched FiatConnect, an open on/off-ramp API standard, which makes it practical and easy for dApps and wallets to seamlessly allow people to move in and out of crypto. In this conversation, we discuss how FiatConnect is working towards bringing this universal standard forward to facilitate on/off-ramps.

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