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Odisea 01: Crypto-powered revolutions with Griff Green

Hey frens, welcome to the first Odisea piece. The first episode is with Griff Green, a true crypto OG who has been at the forefront of leveraging crypto to establish better substrates of human coordination. Griff’s journey is one that is marked by fundamentally thinking, building, and living the values of self-sovereignty, freedom, and altruism - values he embodies in the work he does and the ways he lives life.

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To give you a sense of some of the incredible work Griff has been involved with over the course of his journey, he co-founded:

  • Giveth: A platform that is revolutionising the way we relate to philanthropic donations with crypto by providing project verification, incentivising donors, and supporting a really diverse set of causes around the world.

  • Commons Stack: Building a library of open-source web3 components that provide communities with all the necessary infrastructure to support and value public goods.

  • General Magic: A full-stack development and design agency that supports web3 impact projects in ideating and building their products, governance modules, tokenomics, and more.

  • Token Engineering Commons: Enabling the creation of sound tokenomics systems through education, community building, ecosystem development, and more.

  • Dappnode: Giving anyone the opportunity to easily run their own node to validate distributed networks thanks to the incredibly easy set-up.

  • Camp Decentral: A Burning Man camp for lovers of decentralization, the arts, education, and spending a week with fellow burners and building a strong culture of experimentation and synergy.

There’s probably something else I missed here, but in case that isn’t enough - Griff is also a Steward at the Gitcoin DAO, ENS DAO, Optimism DAO, and Bright ID. Importantly (and this is something we delve into in our conversation), Griff was also involved in the early days of The DAO, which was at the time, one of the largest pooling of capital coordination that had occurred in the history of mankind. He, alongside some other The DAO members were working on crisis response over the course of the hacking incident that drained the funds from the smart contracts.

Aside from the incredible work that Griff has done in the space, one of his most notable traits is the fact that he has truly lived a life led by uplifting himself and those around him with a perspective towards freedom maximalism. He’s lived out of his van, trading and bartering items in order to avoid having to rely on the traditional financial system.

Naturally, when Griff came across Bitcoin, the notion of self-sovereign money made immediate sense to him. From that moment, Griff’s journey in the crypto ecosystem has been a long and unwavering one - one thing that I believe is particularly notable is his commitment towards thinking and working on addressing some of the challenges with regards to human coordination and delivering better public goods infrastructure.

On that point, throughout this conversation, Griff and I discuss some of the challenges with regards to why and how governments are failing to uphold their role in providing public goods. For those of us who understand and believe that public goods are critical to human and environmental flourishing, I find this part of the conversation really uplifting. Griff often talks about the opportunity that are available for crypto projects to fill the gap left open by governments to deliver public goods, which from a market opportunity stands at trillions of US dollars annually.

Griff and I discuss the Metacrisis, which is the compounding set of crises we have ahead of us including climate change, failing economic systems, mistrust in our governance structures and democracies, among a number of other compounding challenges humanity collectively faces. We explore how and why decentralized and distributed coordination mechanisms could provide solutions to address the Metacrisis.

This was an awesome conversation to share with Griff, and I’m super grateful he’s kicking off the Odisea series! I’m sure you’ll find this conversation to be super engaging and I look forward to having you enjoy the upcoming ones.

Remember, you’ve still got time to mint your Odisea Community Collectible below. The collectible is available on the Optimism network, which we have intentionally chosen thanks to their commitment to support public goods, largely through their Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RetroPGF) mechanism, which allocates the fees paid by users of the network and then distributes them retroactively to public goods in the ecosystem. Mint yours below and support public goods :)

If you’d like to connect to discuss the episode and explore ways we can collaborate to build a better future leveraging crypto, let’s chat on Twitter or you can join the Telegram community as well!


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