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Ethereum has the potential to enable more equitable and decentralized coordination substrates to empower people around the world. As an Ethereum Foundation Fellow, I am committed to supporting Ethereum’s growth and adoption to enable human flourishing globally.

To stay up to date and contribute to the latest findings of the report I am putting together, you can subscribe below and even mint a free open edition NFT.


Together, we will continue to prepare an in-depth research on report on the barriers and opportunities of crypto-powered financial inclusion throughout Latin America, which will be published at ETHDenver. The report will also be accompanied by a video series where I will be speaking with leading crypto builders as well as local communities throughout my home country of Guatemala to explore Ethereum’s utility in Latin America.

This report is the first step in a long journey towards exploring the role technology plays throughout the global south to create more abundant futures for all. If you are passionate about crypto’s potential to truly change the way humans coordinate, please join us in this collective adventure. You can also join our Telegram community to connect with other like-minded thought-leaders and builders in the space.

See you on the other side 🌱

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